Wednesday, 20/9/2017 | 7:32 UTC+0
  • strangelove
    GOP Hires Strategist to handle Trump Crisis

    Faced with the possibility of a contentious nominating convention, the RNC  has turned to an experienced strategist to handle what could be a “worst case scenario” for the Grand Old Party. “We must consider that the so-called nuclear option is not only possible, but essential”  Dr. S. Love said in reference to the possibility of

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  • trump_smirk
    The Trump Juggernaut Continues…

    Tycoon Donald Trump continues his dominance in numerous battleground states, new polling has revealed. Polls in in Florida show that the billionaire businessman received 44% in the poll released Thursday, well ahead of Sen. Marco Rubio, who got 28%.   Following were Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas (12%)  Ohio Gov. John Kasich (7%) and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (4%). This is

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