Wednesday, 20/9/2017 | 7:34 UTC+0
  • heroin
    The Mass Opioid Crisis

    Reeling from a scourge of overdose fatalities, state health officials are finally enacting a law to try to curb heroin and other opioid addictions at their source. Gov. Charlie Baker signed the bill last Monday aimed at the menace that kills approximately four individuals a day in the state.  Twelve years ago, some 300 people

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  • The New

    The first incarnation of Massnews appear in 1996, published by J. Edward Pawlick, the former publisher of Lawyer’s Weekly.   The hardcopy, full color newspaper appeared on Newstands monthly for several years and eventually morphed into a news website. After the passing of Pawlick, the assetts of the newspaper were liquidated, and the domain eventually

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