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Statewide movement to remove the SJC 4 and take back our government.

Same-sex marriage in Massachusetts CAN be stopped. 

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In this email update:

Article 8 files bills in Massachusetts Legislature to remove the 4 SJC judges & eliminate homosexual marriage!  First steps to taking back our government.

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NEWS ITEM:  "Newcomer prepares for House role"  [Boston Globe–Dec. 2]  Yet ANOTHER fawning article on Carl Sciortino, the newly elected state rep, by the Globe.  It's been how many, now, half a dozen?  Of course, they don't mention any of his sordid, homosexual extremist past activities, including disrupting a Catholic Mass with his gay boyfriend.  Nope, the Globe really loves this guy, and they always send their most pro-gay reporters to write the articles.

Click here to read the article.

Click here to read about Sciortino's activities the Globe doesn't mention.Also, the article mentions he's manager of research operations at Fenway Community Health Center.  Here's the kind of stuff he's managing.

 And at the same time, the homosexual activists back in Sciortino's district are continuing to bash Article 8 and Vinnie Ciampa.  Here's one letter to the editor in the Medford Transcript, written by a well-known "community activist" that's chock full of the usual rage, lies, and distortions.Read the letter.

Write your own letter to the editor of that newspaper:

   ===  Bills filed in Massachusetts Legislature to remove the 4 SJC judges & eliminate homosexual marriage.  ===

 (Think we're not getting people's attention?  Out of thousands of bills filed by the Dec. 1 deadline, the Associated Press highlighted four – including ours.  Read the article here. )  We are very serious about taking back our government, and day by day more legislators and citizens across the state are becoming believers in this cause.  There is huge momentum across the United States and it is about to come to Massachusetts. Over the last several weeks we've received quite a bit of thoughts and ideas on bills to introduce.  We considered all of them.  In the end, we decided to go with the four that will serve as the legislative basis for achieving our goals.   The first three bills were filed by Rep. Emile Goguen (D-Fitchburg), as the lead sponsor.  The fourth was filed and sponsored by Rep. Joyce Spiliotis (D-Peabody).  We've also attracted several co-sponsors in both the House and Senate, both Democrat and Republican.  Yesterday (Dec. 1) was the deadline for filing bills, but there are two more weeks to bring on additional co-sponsors.  More on that in next week's emails.

1. The Bill of Address The cornerstone of taking back our government is removing activist judges who illegally and fraudulently twist the law to impose their own social and political agendas on the people.  Our Constitution, written by John Adams, was specifically designed with this device to protect the people.  We must use it.  So it's been re-filed. Enacting this Bill of Address for this fraudulent ruling will be the official Constitutional declaration that the ruling was illegal and is null and void, and will keep a future court from repeating that ruling.


The Commonwealth of MassachusettsIN THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND FIVE Resolved, That both houses of the legislature hereby request the governor by way of address, under the provisions of Article I Chapter III of Part the Second of the Constitution, to remove Margaret H. Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, from her office, to remove Roderick L. Ireland, Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, from his office, to remove John M. Greaney, Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, from his office, and to remove Judith A. Cowin, Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, from her office.

 2.  Officially nullifying same-sex "marriages". Amy, in our office, researched this issue and worked with legal experts to draft the language for this bill.  It's interesting, she found, that Gov. Romney began authorizing same-sex marriages last May 17, even though no law was ever changed to allow that.  Even the House of Representatives Legal Counsel, whom she consulted, agreed with that assessment.  Thus, the following bill has been introduced: 

The Commonwealth of MassachusettsIN THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND FIVE AN ACT TO CLARIFY THE STATUS OF SAME-SEX MARRIAGES PERFORMED UNDER PUBLIC AUTHORITY IN MASSACHUSETTS SINCE MAY 17, 2004. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: It is hereby declared that all same-sex marriages performed under public authority in Massachusetts since May 17, 2004 are without statutory basis; and no marriage performed in Massachusetts will be considered legally binding which is not established by Massachusetts statute, not withstanding licensing through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, or city or town clerk.

  2.  Officially, in statute, defining marriage as one man and one woman.   As the Bill of Address recognizes that the SJC court decision was illegal, null, and void, this law proceeds from there and clarifies once and for all what's been obvious for the entire history of humanity: . 

The Commonwealth of MassachusettsIN THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND FIVE AN ACT TO DEFINE MARRIAGE AS THE UNION OF ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: It being the public policy of this Commonwealth to protect the unique relationship of marriage in order to promote, among other goals, the stability and welfare of society and the best interests of children, only the union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Massachusetts. Any other relationship shall not be recognized as a marriage or its legal equivalent, nor shall it receive the benefits or incidents exclusive to marriage from the Commonwealth, its agencies, departments, authorities, commissions, offices, officials and political subdivisions.

 4.  Re-filing the strengthened Parental Notification Law This updates the flawed law passed in 1996.  The gay lobby and Planned Parenthood know that this will stop the homosexual agenda (and other agendas) in the public schools by giving parents the power and not the gay activists, and last year they fought this bill bitterly.  This year we'll win.  Click here for more info about this bill. 

The Commonwealth of MassachusettsIN THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND FIVE AN ACT RELATIVE TO PARENTAL NOTIFICATION AND CONSENT. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: Chapter 71, Section 32A of the General Laws is hereby amended to be the following: - Section 32A. Every city, town, regional school district or vocational school district implementing or maintaining curriculum or portion thereof, or school sanctioned program or activity, which primarily involves human sexual education, human sexuality issues, or sexual orientation issues shall adopt a written policy ensuring parental/guardian notification.  All such curriculum, programs, and activities shall be offered only in clearly identified non-mandatory elective courses in which parents or guardians may choose to enroll their children through written notification to the school, in a manner reasonably similar to other elective courses offered by the school district.  To the extent practicable, instruction materials and related items for said curriculum, programs, and activities shall be made reasonably accessible to parents, guardians, educators, school administrators, and others for inspection and review. No public school teacher or administrator shall be required to participate in any such curriculum, programs, or activities that violate his or her religious beliefs.


These are the tools we'll need to take back our government.  We've got a LOT more support in the Legislature than before, and it's growing.  But there's still lots of ground to cover.  It's up to us to roll up our sleeves and get the job done.  Do not believe for a second that this cannot be accomplished!!  And the time is now!  We're more than a little upset that a lot of "armchair conservatives" – who are more comfortable with nice, polite (and unsuccessful) opposition to all this current lunacy – have all but given up.  And they consider this approach tad too confrontational.  Well, the same was said of George Washington, Samuel Adams, as well as Abraham Lincoln in his day, and certainly Martin Luther King.  Like them, we are backed up against a wall.  We need to do the right thing, not the comfortable thing.

  Coming in Monday's email:  Full report on Massachusetts homosexual activists' strategy meeting for 2005.  

AS WE’VE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG – IT’S UP TO THE PEOPLE NOW!  THIS CAN AND WILL BE WON. But your help is still needed.  We can't do this without YOUR support.

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