Monday, 25/9/2017 | 5:03 UTC+0
  • heroin
    The Mass Opioid Crisis

    Reeling from a scourge of overdose fatalities, state health officials are finally enacting a law to try to curb heroin and other opioid addictions at their source. Gov. Charlie Baker signed the bill last Monday aimed at the menace that kills approximately four individuals a day in the state.  Twelve years ago, some 300 people

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  • isis execution
    Why ISIS Campaign of Genocide Continues

    Despite the efforts of a wide coalition of Western nations, including British, American, French, more recently the Russians, and a variety of other sovereign countries, ISIS is still alive and well in Syria, Libya, and Iraq. The coalition agrees that air strikes must be conducted in close partnership with ground forces, if they are to

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  • Active Petition to Arrest Bill Clinton

    From Eric Levenson- Almost 100,000 people have signed a petition that calls on Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey to arrest and prosecute President Bill Clinton for allegedly committing a “3rd degree Voter Violation Felony” on election day. “This is a call for the immediate arrest of President Bill Clinton for clear, knowing and egregious

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  • Top Exposes from MassNews

    American Legal System Corrupt, Judge Tells Harvard Law School A Doctor’s Perspective on Ritalin DSS: Seizing Children for Profit Fist Gate: Students get graphic instruction in gay sex  Fist Gate 2: More pornographic instruction for students   CHRONOLOGICAL LISTING OF ALL MASSNEWS WEB STORIES- 2009- 2006

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  • strangelove
    GOP Hires Strategist to handle Trump Crisis

    Faced with the possibility of a contentious nominating convention, the RNC  has turned to an experienced strategist to handle what could be a “worst case scenario” for the Grand Old Party. “We must consider that the so-called nuclear option is not only possible, but essential”  Dr. S. Love said in reference to the possibility of

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  • atlas
    The Genesis of “The Terminator”?

    It may not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the new Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics may be the early forerunner of what sci-fi dystopias are made of. Google-owned Boston Dynamics on Tuesday released a video of its next-generation Atlas humanoid robot that’s eerily shows a stand-alone bi-ped that adapts to obstacles, being shoved, and can

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  • trump_smirk
    The Trump Juggernaut Continues…

    Tycoon Donald Trump continues his dominance in numerous battleground states, new polling has revealed. Polls in in Florida show that the billionaire businessman received 44% in the poll released Thursday, well ahead of Sen. Marco Rubio, who got 28%.   Following were Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas (12%)  Ohio Gov. John Kasich (7%) and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (4%). This is

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